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Entrance to trail.

We went riding at the Vlei Cycle Park in the south of Johannesburg this weekend. The last time we were there we did the more serene Green Trail. This time we decided to be a bit more adventurous and try the more challenging Blue Trail. And challenging it was indeed!

The Blue Trail meanders along with the Green Trail for the first 4 km and then splits off for a 1 km loop through a rocky section before it joins it again. This 1km loop includes some technical descents only suitable for experienced riders. At the 6 km mark it splits off again for 3 km of technical, rocky, steep climbs and descents.


Steep, rocky descents!

Be warned if you are just starting off with mountain biking or if you are not fit – you will be doing lots of portage over this section! If you want to be challenged out of your comfort zone then I highly recommend that you try it out!  The last few km joins up with the Green route again for nice flowing single-track to the end. Total distance for the Blue trail is 18 km.

Chicken run option

Chicken run option


The Green trail is 11 km and beginner riders will have no problem completing it. The slightly more technical sections can be avoided by taking the chicken run option!

There’s also a yellow Trail of 4 km on mainly jeep-track and farm roads and this is suitable for children.


The trails at Vlei Cycle Park are maintained by Wendell Bole and his team. Yes, it is the same Wendell that is based at Thaba Trails and who was responsible for the course where the SA XCO Championships was held recently!

The trails are open daily and there are lots of other facilities including restaurants, picnic spots, animal farm, children’s play area, putt-putt course, trail running, etc. It is therefore a perfect venue to take the whole family, even those who don’t cycle.

So head out there next time for an enjoyable time on and off your bike!



Bridge crossing