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Sleep and exercise are important


Having problems sleeping? Been told that you must exercise to help you sleep better but does not feel any benefit? Then you are not alone.

A recent study by researchers at Northwestern University School of Medicine in the USA looked at the impact of exercise on sleep and that of sleep on exercise.

They found that individual exercise sessions do not have an immediate impact on quality of sleep. It is rather sustained and regular exercise that improved your quality of sleep over a 16 week period.

The effect of exercise on sleep is therefore the same as on weight control and general health. Its effect only becomes apparent if done regularly! The sudy showed that regular exercise can add up to 90 minutes of extra sleep per night.

It did however confirm that sleep had an immediate effect on exercise. Lack of adequate sleep resulted in shorter exercise sessions the next day.

Take home message: don’t feel disappointed if you recently started exercising and do not feel a difference in you sleep pattern. Persist and you will feel the benefit. And if you want to have a good training session then try to get a good nights rest.

Once again research shows that there is no quick fix! Train regularly and you will feel the benefits!

Now go out there and ride your bike!