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This site is inspired by the MTB Trails SA App. Currently only available on the iTunes AppStore, this app is dedicated to mountain bikers in South Africa.

You can do the following with the app:

  • Find a trail near your current location in South Africa.
  • Get driving directions to the trail.
  • Get information on the trail: distances, difficulty, facilities, trail profile.
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Watch selected YouTube Videos on mountain biking.
  • Provide trail feedback.
  • Find a cycling club in your province.
  • links to other cycling resources
  • New trails and features will be added continuously.

This site offers additional information on trails, including reviews. It will also include other posts related to cycling such as new gear, the latest technology, comments on training, nutrition, events, etc.

Please feel free to pass your comments. It is only through your feedback and support that we will be able to grow a healthy mountain biking community on this site!

Any questions or queries?

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